Nov 23, 2012



Hi, all of YOU Creative Creatures of The World,

there are days when we wake up happy, energetic and ready to conqure the world, however there are those days that we don't even want to get up from our beds, but our daily duties are waiting for us. In either case, creating our daily outfit unintentionally falls under the influence of our mood. And colors mirror how feel, so... decide on your attitude to meet the World today!

But don't forget - for great ideas there is no such thing as good or bad day!

All of the hats You can find at YOOX.COM up to 40% Sale.

Nov 21, 2012

Autumn/Winter Outfit: Comfortable Dresses

Comfortable Dresses

Hi, everyone,
today I created this effortless outfits for days when one want to feel comfortable and still feminine. The colors are also ones that can contribute to be cheerful and happy.

All of the items are from ASOS. I have listed them in my wish list and hope to buy at least some of them. I have several worries about some of the products. For example, the bag is too small (I love big ones), but the price is quite good, I think, for soft leather. Moreover, the outfit is for leisure times when it is supposed to carry only the most needed. The sunglasses are also questionable regarding the the quality of the glasses. 

ASOS Camo Print Sweater Dress, all sizes are available; (EUR 52.78),  EUR 36.81.
ELEVEN PARIS Sleeveless Dress, it is available in multiple colors and have a deep back. However, most of the available sizes are in moss; (EUR 152.79),  EUR 45.84
Paul's Boutique Boots, available in sizes from UK3 to UK7; (EUR 152.79),  EUR 90.29.
DKNY Leather Boots, available in sizes UK3.5 and UK5; (EUR 250.00),  EUR 138.90.

Accessories :

ASOS Mittens in Tobacco, (EUR 20.84),  EUR 6.25.
ASOS Mittens in Gray, (EUR 20.84),  EUR 14.58.

ASOS Leather Bowler Bag, it is quite small actually but affordable (EUR 62.51),  EUR 31.25.

French Connection Sunglasses, (EUR 68.06),  EUR 38.09.

Nov 15, 2012

Autumn Outfit: Contrasty Colors

Autumn Outfit in Gray

Van Mildert Sale Products:
Farhi Cardigan available in UK sizes 6,10 and 12; (EUR 211.49),  EUR 169.19,
Marc Jacobs Denim Legging available in 29, 31 and 32; (EUR 217.71),  EUR 108.85
Marc Jacobs Silk Top available in size UK 6;  (EUR 299.82),  EUR 149.91
UGG Quilted Boots available in size UK 7.5; (EUR 205.27),  EUR 123.16

 ASOS Sale Products: 
Ameko Leather Bag in Irish/roddick;  (EUR 283.36),  EUR 159.74
ASOS Mongolian Earmuffs in burgundy; (EUR 30.56),  EUR 24.31 
 Spratters & Jayne Fingerless Gloves in two tones; (EUR 90.29),  EUR 37.37

Nov 14, 2012

Sleeping Cutie: Juice Couture Slippers

Sleeping Cutie

These slippers are the cutest thing my eyes have seen today. I can not even imagine the feeling of putting them on my feet.

 You can find them on ASOS Outlet.
Juicy Couture Tassle Slippers  in fawn astrakan,  EUR 69.45
Juicy Couture Sleepy Slippers in tan, EUR 76.40
Juicy Couture Sleepy Slippers in fawn astrakan, EUR 76.40
Juicy Couture Tassle Slippers in tan, EUR 69.45

Nov 7, 2012


Cat Walk

Today on Polyvore, I designed my first template featuring the name of my blog. It is not amazing one, but it's a start. There was no chance not to try it out and I wanted to be something chic and expensive. 
Yesterday, I added new page to my blog, called FSALES GATE where I will keep you informed about all of the online shops' sales that I am aware of. It will be of help even to me in order to be on track which shops I research more and which ones I somehow pass by. 
So when I revised the list of shops it came out that FLANNELS' CLEARANCE SALE items were never used by me for the creation of a total outfit and here it is the set. A small exception are the cute heart earrings, which are from ASOS. In a matter of fact, their price is also an exception comparing it with the rest of the set's items.

Products list and links:
Carven black dress , 50% off. (The dress is with cut out back) 
Moncler black and gold quilted jacket, 25% off. 
Gucci high heel boots are available only in size 36 and they are almost 50% off.
Cucci leather hobo bag, discounted by 30% off. 
Kara Ross pendant,  60% off.
Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, 40% off.
Oasis heart earrings, 25% off.

And remember to keep on buying!