Nov 21, 2012

Autumn/Winter Outfit: Comfortable Dresses

Comfortable Dresses

Hi, everyone,
today I created this effortless outfits for days when one want to feel comfortable and still feminine. The colors are also ones that can contribute to be cheerful and happy.

All of the items are from ASOS. I have listed them in my wish list and hope to buy at least some of them. I have several worries about some of the products. For example, the bag is too small (I love big ones), but the price is quite good, I think, for soft leather. Moreover, the outfit is for leisure times when it is supposed to carry only the most needed. The sunglasses are also questionable regarding the the quality of the glasses. 

ASOS Camo Print Sweater Dress, all sizes are available; (EUR 52.78),  EUR 36.81.
ELEVEN PARIS Sleeveless Dress, it is available in multiple colors and have a deep back. However, most of the available sizes are in moss; (EUR 152.79),  EUR 45.84
Paul's Boutique Boots, available in sizes from UK3 to UK7; (EUR 152.79),  EUR 90.29.
DKNY Leather Boots, available in sizes UK3.5 and UK5; (EUR 250.00),  EUR 138.90.

Accessories :

ASOS Mittens in Tobacco, (EUR 20.84),  EUR 6.25.
ASOS Mittens in Gray, (EUR 20.84),  EUR 14.58.

ASOS Leather Bowler Bag, it is quite small actually but affordable (EUR 62.51),  EUR 31.25.

French Connection Sunglasses, (EUR 68.06),  EUR 38.09.

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