FSC will be of serve to all those women who love to shop online and have no time everyday to browse on the Net in order not to miss a sale.

The blog is dedicated to provide information mainly about latest sales on online fashion shops and all offers that I find worthy to be shared with the blog's audience. Moreover, information about interesting fashion blogs and fashion inspirations may be seen.

With the World going global online shopping becomes easier and I am happy about that because buying is no longer limited to local shops, brands offered and sometimes prices can vary to large extend.

My experience with browsing online fashion shops and buying from them proves me that each one get on sales and sometimes there is really hot deals. That is why I decided to design this blog as a place where to share my pick ups from online sales and my own vision of how to wear them.

Each post will contain links, so if You find some shoes, bag, or any other fashion item appealing, it will be quick and easy to check it out. I will indicate the price of particular product, but You always should have in mind currency exchange levels. For example,  I am interested in Euro prices, however You may prefer to see it in USD or GBP, or some other currency, so exchange rates may lead to small differences in price stated in my posts and indicated on the online shop.

Sometimes, I  use www.polyvore.com, to design and organize my posts. I love this site where there are unlimited pieces of fashion art. The features of the site makes it easy to nice sets and organize finish look, so don't get confused if You are unintentionally redirected to my Polyvore account.

If You have some other questions, don't bother to ask me!