Oct 23, 2012

From High to Low: High-Heeled Boots

This week I am reviewing boots from available online promotions. I decided to name the series after one of online shops' options for sorting out "From high to low". The idea behind is not only to start this week blogging posts with more expensive brands and finish with afordable ones, but also the boots style. 

So, the boots, I've picked up for today, belong to famous brands and their common features in the design are: knee-height and the heels are high and chunky shaped. They all are suitable for various styles dresses and skirst.


High Heeled Boots

I imagine wearing GIANVITO ROSSI boots with one very tight stretchy dress hiding the knee, so that one can not see where the boot end. Although they are available also in brown, I like the cocoa color much more. The boots are not high at all, actually, because the platform decreases the heel slope and they are perfect for days in a hurry.

CASADEI boots are the only one from the set, which I would outfit with skinny jeans or leggings. The pair becomes wider as it reaches knee and the jeans will not crease when stuffed in.

The boots from the second row, I like for their impressive heels. Both brands, DOLCE &GABBANA and MICHAEL KORS, decided to contrast the heel from the rest of the boot. DOLCE &GABBANA mixture of wood and varnished leather is unthinkable for me if not seen. While the MICHAEL KORS pair stylish effect is achieved with the square toe shape of the boots and again the contrast between black leather and grey steel-looking heel.

From stylish to gorgeous, I am ending with the last two pair of boots. If it is true that the Devil wears PRADA, I want to be the Devil. For me they are the top of the top - soft leather, again, in snakeskin print and tiger stripe. The heel is not in right form and the toeline is delicately rounded and square shaped. Love them!!!PRADA and CHLOÉ, my last two pick ups, are great end of today post. 

Take care and stay with me for the next part...

Products Index:
 was € 649/ now 590 
available size: 37, 39, 40.5

 was € 750/ now € 650 
available size: 35 - 41

 was € 800/ now 640 
available size: 36, 38, 39, 40

was € 895/ now 447.50 
 available size: 36, 37 

 was € 750/ now 690 
available size: 37 ONLY

 was € 750/ now 590 
available size: 36 ONLY

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