Oct 22, 2012

Ri2K Leather Bag Review

I've just received this Ri2K leather bowling bag and I am eager to share with you my review.

Actually, this brand was not popular to me and I researched it on the internet. The greatest variety of its products can be shopped form ASOS, from where I ordered it a week ago. However, on Ebay and Amazon the brand's bags and accessories can be ordered for quite lower prices that I actually bought it. 

Another interesting fact was Ri2K is one of Pippa Middleton favorite brand, at least it was written so in one of the posts at blog solely devoted to Kate Middleton's famous sister http://pippa-middleton.co.uk/discount-ri2k/ 

But let's get back to the point - the bag. I am, as a whole, happy with my purchase, because the bag is crafted from real leather (I don't like materials that imitate it.) - mostly of reversed one. No damages in transportation (it was well packed by ASOS) and no factory defects. Moreover, it is exactly the same as on the picture. It looks like the bag's quality satisfies the price paid. 

Maybe, the only thing is that I expected to be a little bit larger, but even in this size it is lovely. I know that real girls are pictured with the bags that ASOS sells, in order to get clearer view of the proportions but it will not be bad if ASOS starts indicate items measures also.

This is by now, stay with me this week when I am going to blog about footwear on sales - boots particularly!   

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